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Aspects to Bear in Mind When Planning to Remodel Your Bathroom

Whether you have a master suite or a simple powder room, the functionality of your bathroom is vital. In most cases, the bathroom is one of the crucial rooms that your guests would access once they spend their night in your house. Rarely can they know how the kitchen looks like. However, they would look at different aspects of your bathroom the following morning as they take shower. For this reason, it’s always important to keep it in a striking condition always. You can contact some of the experienced bathroom builders Melbourne has to offer to guide you on what you should bear in mind before the renovation work starts:


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Plumbing systems

Most professional plumbers agree that drainage pipes of about 40 millimeters are then most typical for residential plumbing. You would be surprised to know that hair and gunk go down the drain in large quantities. These elements are the main reason most drains clog. To minimize clogging issues, it’s good to make the drain larger. This means you have to upgrade your drain by changing the plumbing pipes. To ensure you do not invest your money in renovating the bathroom the wrong way, it’s important to always consult competent bathroom builders Melbourne has today on this.


Professional builders advise people to brighten their ceiling for the bathroom to appear new and modern. However, this doesn’t just happen using any features you find in the shops. You would have to ask the builders to advise you on the best light fixtures to use. Today, most homeowners prefer using recessed light fixtures. It is recommended that you include about two or at least one lighting fixture in your shower. When doing this, experts in bathroom renovations in Melbourne recommend that you ensure proper shower trim.

Cabinets for medicines

If you don’t have space to recess modern medicine cabinets, you should create it. This doesn’t mean you would have to build a new bathroom, but just come up with an affordable budget for bathroom renovation. This way, you would save space you could use for something else. Some people think that additional framing would break their budget in a way, but this doesn’t always happen. Let professional bathroom builders Melbourne has today advise you on the right design and choice of the medicine cabinets to install during the renovation.

Shower floors

It’s good to know that the floor of your bathroom matters a lot when it comes to safety and appearance of your bathroom. If you have experienced several falls on your bathroom this month due to slipperiness, you should think of changing the floor. Many of the reported cases concerning bathroom falls have been serious so do think twice. For this reason, it’s advisable to consider affordable bathroom renovations Melbourne has today that would help you change and install floor to enhance the safety of everyone.

Most homeowners don’t know what a bathroom renovation project entails in terms of costs and process. Homeowners who do bathroom renovations without prior preparation miss out on many things. The best thing to do is to ensure you consult competent experts when doing any of the bathroom makeovers Melbourne has today.

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