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Choosing Between Artificial and Natural Plants

A lot of debate is going on among many enthusiasts whether live plants or artificial ones are better. One key point is always raised: you better leave the live plants to the experienced hobbyists. The creation, modification and improvement of artificial plants have made it difficult to differentiate between artificial and live plants. The material used to make them is very flexible with silky appearance, making them look organic in most aspects. You should go artificial the next time you want to set up potted plants or vertical gardens Melbourne has today.  Here is why:

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Zero Waiting Time

Unlike their natural counterparts, artificial plants need no waiting time for them to grow. They are always ready whenever they arrive. They are just placed at a location of your choice. In most cases, these plants are rinsed and soaked in water for a few minutes so as to give them realistic and soft look. Just purchase an artificial vertical garden Melbourne and you won’t have to wait months to set up the plants in your office or home.

Little to No Maintenance

Pruning, weeding, prepping are activities that you will never experience using artificial plants. The only maintenance required is dusting and sprinkling a little water to give it that natural fresh look. As compared to natural plants, this maintenance is negligible. Artificial plants don’t require special light, supplements or substrate. They require no clean-up like natural plants i.e. they don’t have leaves that fall off.

Pocket-Friendly Price

The artificial plants look every bit as real as natural plants but don’t cost as much. Want to give your office that natural ambience with any of the many available vertical gardens Melbourne offers on a tight budget? Select a beautiful, cheap artificial garden from the wide range of vertical gardens Melbourne has available for the best deals.


Because artificial plants have no requirements, they have no restrictions as to where they can be planted.  You can easily pick any size of the plant or any type of plant that you desire. Irrespective of the weather, climate, water availability and sunlight, you can have whatever plant you want. If you are not happy with the placement of your Melbourne vertical gardens, just rearrange them. You don’t have to worry about them being affected by the relocation.

Durability, Resistance and Resilience

Regardless of whether they are in season or not, an artificial plant will remain fresh and appealing. The artificial plants that can be set up in the house may be exposed to disturbance from people. If a piece falls off, it can be placed back on the plant, maintaining its desirable appearance. These plants can also resist disturbance from any pets you may have.


Parasites and pests may be vectors of disease and they also cause a lot of physical harm or disturbance.  Without special maintenance, natural plants may harbour such pests and parasites. This is however not the case when you opt for artificial vertical gardens Melbourne has today.  They do not harbour harmful pests or parasites, and hence can safely be set up in a hospital or an office.

Consider the above points when buying Melbourne vertical gardens and you won’t be disappointed. They will ensure you pick a suitable, artificial plant from the wide range of vertical gardens Melbourne has to offer for all special occasions. Check out for more here-

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