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Why Magento is Perfect For Your Ecommerce Needs

Are you looking for that ideal platform from you which you can run your growing ecommerce business in Leicestershire? There are many reasons why Magento ecommerce solutions are currently the most popular with many online entrepreneurs around the world. Magento is an ecommerce content management system that has all the advantages that you would need for an ecommerce platform such as its incredible scalability and extensibility. It is also easily upgradable and has a modular build that you will certainly fall in love with. These are some of the qualities which make this CMS platform deliver powerful performance for many ecommerce websites.

If you are planning to deploy Magento ecommerce solutions, there are two main basic editions that you can work with. There is the Magento Enterprise Edition and the Magento Community Edition. The Community Edition has some of the most popular features that you would want on your CMS and is both free and open source. This edition will not deliver on those large and robust websites where you have to display and sell large number of products.

This edition also does not come with technical support. However, you can look forward to a robust community-based support network where a large user community can help on a host of technical issues that you might be facing. If you are just learning Magento, this could be an ideal platform.

Magento Enterprise Edition

If you are planning to deploy a Magento ecommerce platform to sell your products, then the Enterprise Edition would be your ideal platform. It offers lots of features that will save you both money and time. With this edition, you can have the best web designers in Leicestershire build and handle a large number of websites with great efficiency.

The edition has also been integrated with robust backups and faster page load times due to its full page caching features. You can expect high performance in the system with this and the license is relatively low cost compared to the top-notch performance that you can expect from the platform.

Magento Benefits

If you are looking for bespoke eCommerce Leicestershire offers, then there are very good reasons why you should choose Magento ecommerce. Here is a look at some of these advantages:

Easy Merchandising:

Magento has rich and intuitive features for displaying your merchandise including simple visual drag and drop functionality that you can use in easily updating your categories.  There is also a richer product information with the Magento ecommerce platform. With the “swatch” capability of the Magento platform, you can incorporate broader attributes for your products.

It is a mobile-friendly platform

Magento offers a high level responsive design with lots of expanded responsive features as well as themes that you can use on your ecommerce platform. There are even email templates which are responsive and that can be viewed optimally in a multiplicity of devices.

Better Performance and Scalability

Magento is both fast and secure. There is better support for MySQL 5.6 as well as for PHP 5.5 that will assure your ecommerce store of better performance, better scalability as well as improved security. With the Magento ecommerce platform, multiple admins can work on the site and make updates simultaneously.

Better insights

One of the reasons why Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions Leicestershire businesses use is that it offers them incredible insights into their business. It offers detailed shopper analytics as well as performance data that support teams can use to improve the website experience.

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